Building management is getting easier, more powerful, and more innovated- thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT). The threat of cyber attacks against Building Management Systems (BMS) is a growing concern both inside and outside of the buildings and constructions industry. The building is backed by advanced cybersecurity and supports industry standard IP based open protocols to facilitate the secure exchange of data and analytics between critical buildings systems and DARK8 and third-party providers.

● Our comprehensive cybersecurity expertise spans IT and OT systems so you can present a united front to fight threats, maximize service continuity, boost reliability and performance
● Create and implement the activities necessary to sustain the security position of operations on a day-to-day basis
● Determine which cybersecurity technologies will best fit their needs

Manufacturers of all sizes are targets. Criminals don't discriminate by size. Smaller a midsized business still manage lucrative assets, funds, and information, and are easier targets than their larger peers. Therefore DARK8 is providing a security system.

● Develop a multi-step plan that prioritizes the value of data, determines the most critical and sensitive aspects of the business, and applies security measures accordingly
● Implement segmented networks that section of the most valuable data, making it accessible to only a few trusted individuals
● Perform regular insider threat detection and prevention audits