Offshore Asset Protection

Dark8 consultants provide an extensive variety of risk management and security services to the offshore Oil & Gas and Shipping industries. Whether conducting projects in national waters, working closely with the local navy or coastguard or assisting respective parties with security training programmes, and always placing great importance on understanding the local population and consideration for offshore cultural sensitivities, our team are ready to tailor solutions to meet our clients exacting requirements.

As with all our services, requirements are determined with the client, analysing the risks and applying mitigation until they are within your tolerance levels. We can protect any kind of vessel, from small survey vessels up to the largest drilling platforms. Our services include, but are not limited to:

- In depth Risk and Intelligence assessment of the project area and surrounding environments
- Assistance with the provision of offshore security vessels
- Provision of unarmed/armed teams
- Liaison with local security forces
- 24/7 support from our maritime operations centre
- Regular intelligence reports and updates

Port Security

Dark8 consultants provide comprehensive risk assessments and security surveys for ports in regions where the risks are dynamic and unpredictable. Our experience across both the Maritime and Land sectors, allows us to apply tried and tested mitigation measures, procedures and training in order to reduce or eradicate risks.

Dark8 can provide ISPS-compliant services:

- Port Facility Security Plans
- Port Risk Assessments
- Security and Leadership Training

ISPS Compliance

As well as ongoing projects on-board client vessels and platforms, Dark8 consultants and specialists have extensive and specialised experience within this sector.

As part of our vessel security package we conduct the following:

- Ship security surveys
- Vessel risk assessments
- Emergency Procedures

Dark8 Consultants can also conduct the following offerings upon request:

- ISPS advising
- Ship Security Officers Courses
- Company Security Officers Courses

Intelligence and Risk Assessment Products

Dark8 bases its risk assessments, route and general travel advice based on timely and accurate intelligence products. Our in-house team has access to several intelligence feeds to build a complete intelligence picture in order to advise on threat mitigation.

Our solutions include, but are not limited to:

- Bespoke port risk/intelligence products
- Bespoke Cyber Security Solutions
- Processing, analyzing and assessing a cyber-related risks
- Providing a risk-based approach to identifying and responding to cyber threats
- Development and review of maritime security plans for ports, harbors, ships and shipping companies.
- Anti-piracy services for ships and offshore platforms
- Negotiation and recovery resulting from hostage and kidnapping situations
- Bi-monthly intelligence report covering the Indian Ocean, Gulf of Guinea and South China Sea
- Vessel threat assessments
- Bespoke geographical intelligence assessments